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Who is tyger

A Research & Manufacturing Organization, - Supplying Organic Specialty Chemicals, Globally.
  • Founded 1992.
  • USA Owned and Operated.
  • Staffed by Ph.D. Organic Synthesis Chemists.
  • Headquartered in the Princeton, NJ Area.

Business Focus

  • Expanding Catalog of Organic Specialty Chemicals
  • Custom Synthesis / Outsourcing Services
  • Scalable Manufacturing Capability (from g, kg to MT)
  • Contract Research & Consulting

Lines Of Business

  • Contract Research Services:
    • - Custom Solutions – Propose chemical solutions for application problems;
    • - Custom Synthesis – Develop methods and manufacture compounds based on customer specified structure and purity.
  • Custom Manufacturing – Manufacturing of (proprietary) materials to customer’s specification, including scale-up manufacturing and toll services.
  • Catalog Products – Select from more than 4,500 Tyger-made specialty organic chemicals and derivative structures.

Catalog Products

  • More than 4,500 Products
  • Numerous Derivatives and Grades Possible

Contract Research Services

  • Custom Synthesis and Toll Manufacturing
  • Contract Research
  • Chemistry Solutions for Application Issues
  • Process Improvement

Custom Manufacturing

For custom specifications or proprietary materials
  • Toll Manufacturing in the USA
  • Low cost production in China

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Wide-Range of Lab & Pilot-Scale Equipment (Ewing)
  • Production Improvement & Optimization Services
         - Chemistry & Process Engineering.
  • Leverage Lower Cost Assets, Labor and Feedstocks
         - Asia Facilities
         - Asian Partners


  • Ph.D. Organic Synthesis Chemists
  • Lab and Kilo Scale Production at Ewing, NJ
  • Glass flask reactors to 72 liter
  • Glass-lined reactors to 50 – 1000 Gallons
  • Pressure Reactors (2,000psi @ 200ºc) to 20L
  • 316-SS Reactors to 250 gallons
  • Titanium Reactor (5L)
  • Subscriptions to Online Scientific Databases
  • Database of IP and Production Methods
  • Comprehensive Suite of Analytical Equipment

Supplying Product to Major Distributors…

  • Millpore-Sigma
  • VWR International
  • Fisher
  • ABCR GmbH & Co AG
  • Hydrus Chemical Inc.
  • Interchim


TYGER is ....

Your One-Stop Sourcing Solution for
Organic Specialty Chemicals
Anthranilamide (ATA)
4-[Bis(4-methylphenyl)amino]-benzaldehyde diphenylhydrazone
4-Diethylaminobenzaldehyde N,N-diphenylhydrazone (DEH)
N,N'-Diphenyl-N,N'-di(3-tolyl)-4-benzidine (TPD)
Column Chromatography Silica Gel
3,4-Epoxycyclohexylmethyl-3,4-epoxycyclohexane carboxylate
Dihydrosafrol (DHS)